I’m a food and travel writer who was raised in BC’s north, and after nearly a decade of schooling and travel, now lives on its southern coast. 

My appetite for food and cooking began at a young age, though for many years that just meant an obscene grocery bill for my parents and some experimental and unappealing dishes I forced my family to eat. At eight years old I had dreams of inventing the next great sandwich, but since my peanut butter/Cheese Whiz combo fell flat, I’m instead trying to make my mark on the world as a writer. 

My life with food has been geographically and experientially diverse, taking me from the woods of northern BC to the hills of Sri Lanka. Here are some Very Official Facts about these adventures thus far: 

The most fun I’ve ever had studying was during my Masters of Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. 

The most I’ve ever eaten in one year was during my time as the 365 Days of Dining blogger for Tourism Richmond

The most rewarding project I’ve ever done was FEAST: An Edible Road Trip, which won a Saveur Best Food Blog Award in 2014, and has a cookbook coming out during the spring 2017 with Random House Canada.

The most ludicrous and stressful job I’ve ever had was as a goat herder in Tuscany.  

The best food I’ve ever had while travelling was in Sri Lanka during a Passport and Plate trip with World Nomads

The most interesting food I’ve ever had while travelling was frozen raw caribou dipped in fermented whale fat in Nunavut. 

The hardest I’ve ever worked (and the most appreciated I’ve ever felt) was as a tree planting camp cook in the woods for four summers. 

And finally, the least valuable skill I’ve ever developed was rolling soft pretzels at a terrible mall in England, though I’m still holding out for the day that one proves itself useful. 

I now freelance in a variety of capacities, including as a writer for Destination BC. Every once in awhile, I consider trying peanut butter + Cheese Whiz again, but I'm always able to talk myself out of it.